OutdoorLegacy is a Christian ministry that equips men with a clear understanding of manhood, spurring them to invest themselves into their sons and daughters or other young men's lives.

OutdoorLegacy is lead by Chuck Farneth, the 2001 ESPN Great Outdoor Games flyfishing gold medalist. We provide a variety of brief, intensive experiences that provide instruction in the arts of flyfishing, authentic manhood and building deep and lasting relationships. Our course offerings include:

Adventures (Private, 1-2 days)
Quests (Group, 2-3 days)
Expeditions (Group, 7-10 days).

To sign up for an OutdoorLegacy experience or to make a request for Chuck to speak at your church event or gathering, contact us today!

OutdoorLegacy's programs and this website are made possible by generous donations from individuals like you!

Our Mission
With God's word as our map to the eternal treasures hidden within the great outdoors, we are committed to investing the Christian principles of authentic manhood into the lives of men, shaping future generations through the love of Jesus Christ.

"As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another" - Proverbs 27:17

A Word From the Director
My name is Chuck Farneth and I am the Director of OutdoorLegacy.

I gave my life over to full-time Christian work in 1992, saving and enriching marriages and helping moms and dads become better parents through FamilyLife, a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ. In July 2001 God called my wife of 23 years, Sherry, and myself to step up to the task of reaching out to men through a vehicle that almost every male can relate to; the great outdoors. I believe that the desire to enter into wild places is a part of the spirit of adventure that God instills in every man and boy.

For some men, outdoor sports are an escape from the work-a-day world. Focusing completely on the task of hunting or fishing brings relaxation and temporarily eliminates the continuous stress that is so much a part of most men‰s lives. Others men are drawn to the great satisfaction and reward that comes from pitting themselves against nature. Still others enjoy the fellowship that comes along with spending time with a group of men pursuing activities they love.

For the Christian man, the great outdoors is more than a place for escape and relaxation. It is God‰s tabernacle, and time spent in it becomes a kind of Sabbath, that is a time set aside for both rest and worship. It is a time when we lay down our worries, obligations, and ambitions and gratefully enter into God‰s presence.

For over 35 years fly-fishing has been my Sabbath, that is a time of therapy and recreation that takes me away from the harsh reality of a fallen world and brings me closer to God and his creation. This is the aspect of outdoor sports that I most wish to share with others.

My many years of fishing for trout and other species with a fly rod has given me some measure of skill in the art of fly-fishing. God‰s grace has enabled me to use my skills for his glory. My most recent accomplishments were participating in the ESPN Great Outdoor Games in Lake Placid, NY in the Fly-Fishing competition where I received a bronze medal in 2000 and 2002, and a gold medal in 2001. In my mind, these accomplishments are nothing more than God‰s affirmation of my dream of combining my love of outdoor sports, particularly fly-fishing, with my passion for bringing the healing love of Christ to a broken world.

We at OutdoorLegacy are currently in the process of expanding OutdoorLegacy nation wide to help churches all across America minister to the men in their community. The process of building a ministry of this size and scope requires considerable time and resources. Your help time, prayers, and donations would be greatly appreciated.
If you would like to be a part of the exciting things that God is doing though this ministry, please contact us and join in today!